The blessing of the Truffle dogs 2016

Sunday 19th of June saw the 5th  inaugural blessing of the dogs at Tarago Truffles.
Over 100 people attended as the Rev Tom from The Tarago parish again conducted the ceremony within the truffiere. The local truffles have been great this year but the dogs will take all the help, divine or otherwise that they can get finding them! The ceremony was followed by a short truffle hunt, then delicious lunch cooked by Andrew Haskins form 3seeds in Fyshwick markets..  On the menu was a rich cauliflower, Truffle and creamy parsnip soup, with crusty crostini and truffle butter, a  marinated portobello mushroom, filled with truffle brie and winter greens wrapped in butter puff. Dessert was a petite truffled sticky date pudding, with a truffled butterscotch sauce. YUUUUUUUMMMMM!

A 40g of fresh Truffle was auctioned off for charity, purchased by Alexandra Olson from Olsons Salt who also made herself busy serving coffeand hot chocolate on what was a wet and chilly day. Thank you Alex!

A sway of Journalists from Canberra and Sydney  attended and WIN TV filmed the event which made the evening news.

Thank you Tarago truffles and well done to all truffle dogs present as there was not one dog fight throughout the day…

Damian Robinson
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