Markets_truffleCUTruffles at the Markets!

Did you know all the truffles served during The Truffle Festival, Canberra & Capital Region, are grown locally?

Head down to your local farmers markets to meet with the truffle growers!  You’ll have the opportunity to look at, smell and learn how to cook truffles (and maybe even manage a taste!).  You can buy truffle to take home to create your own gourmet feast, or even shave some black truffle on your scrambled eggs for a decadent breakfast!  Do remember that truffles have a short shelf life and many of these venues are only open late in the week and weekend.  If you are planning a special dinner party you may need to reserve your purchase a week ahead.

Check out the fabulous range of events on offer at each of Canberra’s markets that support our festival.Fyshwickmarketlogo150white


Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets are open Thursday to Sunday 8.00am to 5.30pm. You’ll be able to buy fresh truffles  and truffle products at 3Seeds Cooking School and Store, Mart Deli, Wiffens and Deli Planet. All the venues will take orders in advance or you can buy fresh on the day from the experienced staff. The markets are selling exclusively French Black Truffles of Canberra truffles, and all are First Grade. See the Fyshwick Market website.


The Canberra Region Farmer’s Market at EPIC (our show ground precinct off Northbourne Ave) opens early each Saturday morning, with various truffle growers setting up stall from 8.00am and the market closing at 11.00am. The truffles can be examined and you can smell them to make sure they’re strong and ready. If needed the growers will cut to order.  The scales are all accurate and the sellers will give you some options. This is a great place to talk to the growers, ask their advice. They’ll explain the different grades and point out truffles that might be less pretty but have better aroma. Growers will often have tastings available for newbies…we’ve seen lots of people buy a small piece and come back next week for a bigger one when they know how much to use.  See  the Farmers Market website


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